EV Charging Solutions

National Parking Management Ltd has extensive knowledge in all aspects of Pay and Display systems, from the initial consultation through to installation, maintenance and case collection. NPM can offer a bespoke installation for your car park, or upgrade your existing solution.

Our Pay and Display machines can be configured with any payment system currently available. For example; a small site may only require a coin based machine, whereas a larger car park may benefit from having credit/debit card facilities in addition. Contactless payment is also an option, making payment swift and painless. NPM can also provide timed parking solutions, where the car park owner allows the customer a free parking period, then charges per hour or part of thereafter.

Integrating the optional numeric keypad, drivers can enter their registration number to receive a free period. After the free period has expired, the driver can then return to purchase a ticket or depart the car park. The Pay and Display machine(s) can also be linked to our bespoke ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system to track if a vehicle has overstayed the free period, or failed to pay.

As an enhanced option, NPM can provide a back-office system that can access each Pay and Display machine and give details such as, amount of coinage in the system, tickets issued, faults with hardware, or if the ticket rolls need replacing. This technology helps with to run an efficient, profitable car park.

Metric Pay & Display

Call now on 0330 043 0342, to discuss any aspect of Pay and Display implementation with a knowledgeable member of staff. You can use our contact form and we will get in touch at a time that’s best for you. Please click here to access our contact form.

Text to Park

Another payment solution becoming very popular is Text to Park or Phone to Park. Enabling text to park on an existing car park can be done easily with most sites. NPM can arrange all the additional signage you will require, together with the text to park account. Our preferred provider, Just Park offers seamless integration with all NPM services. We can also work with other text to park companies to give you the very best solution for your car park.

In addition to being convenient for the client, Text to Park can save your customers time, by not having to return to purchase another ticket if they wish to shop a little longer. The benefits for your business are a reduction in cash collections, together with reduced consumables (ticket rolls etc.). Also, our Text to Park service offers a mobile APP, making customers more likely to return to use your car park, as it only takes a tap on the app to park.

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National Parking Management Ltd manages a diverse range of Pay and Display car parks. If you would like us to help you maximise profits and reduce workloads at your site, contact NPM now on 0330 043 0342, or use our contact form by clicking here.