I received a Parking Charge Notice from your company. Is this legal?

Many online forums & advice centres will tell you this is just an invoice, and you don’t have to pay this charge, this is factually incorrect, Charges are issued under a contractual relationship with the driver and/or keeper of the vehicle – the terms of parking are listed on the signs within the car park showing the contractual rates.

These charges are in line with the International Parking Community code of conduct and Schedule 4 of the Protection Of Freedoms Act 2012 (POFA).

If the driver of the vehicle chooses to ignore the terms and continue to park, they are accepting liability and are contractually agreeing to pay a parking charge to ourselves.

We have a valid contract with the landowner and are a fully accredited operator with the IPC. This gives us reasonable cause to request the keeper details from the DVLA to pursue any outstanding debts through the county court.

The majority of the CCJ’s issued against drivers and/or the keepers of vehicles that have unpaid charges outstanding all claimed that they read information online, so they thought they did not have to pay the charge – these people now have had their credit rating severely affected with a County Court Judgement issued against them.